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Chocolate Massage Services

For the month of February, we are offering our Chocolate Treatments which consist of chocolate infused treatments. Although available year round as an off menu service available by special request, our chocolate services are our most requested Valentine’s Day gift. In addition to chocolate being a fun themed gift idea for Valentine’s, cocoa also has endless benefits. Our popular Chocolate Spa Services include our Chocolate Smoothie  Body Mask. Whipped Chocolate Foot Mask , Cocoa Bean Body Polish with Warm Sugar Scrub, Swedish Chocolate Massage.

Let’s celebrate chocolate. Let’s celebrate it not just because it’s delicious and not because we love to eat it on Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate it because we love it and it’s actually good for you. For years, chocolate was disparaged as being unhealthy. Highly processed chocolate is not good for you, but pure chocolate has amazing benefits. Chocolate that is pure is healthy when it is consumed, whether you eat or drink it.

Treat your skin while enjoying the benefits of chocolate without the extra calories! Pure chocolate, yes pure, raw cocoa, has as many perks when you apply it to your skin, hair and nails as when you ingest it! So slather it on and enjoy the chocolate goodness & aroma of cocoa!

Before using any new massage oil such as chocolate, always do a small skin test to make sure there is no allergic reaction.

Chocolate Scrub

Looking for a chocolate treat for your skin and your muscles? We start with a full body exfoliation with our chocolate salt scrub, made with dead sea salts and pure cocoa extract. This part of the treatment is designed to soften the epidermis, stimulate surface oxygenation and ready the skin for the chocolate body butter massage. Cocoa extract is loaded with antioxidants as well as magnesium; an essential mineral in muscle health. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, reducing cramps (including menstrual cramps, leg cramps, etc.) and softening tense muscles. 

Get ready for the Chocolate Massage with our Chocolate Body Butter! Your therapist will use this delicious moisturizer made with Shea Butter, Key Vitamins, and Cocoa Extract  to massage your body, leaving your skin and your muscles feeling incredible!

50 min version includes scrub and chocolate butter application, 120 min version includes full massage with chocolate body butter.

50 min. Scrub Only $ 115.00

 120 min Scrub & Massage  $ 180.00 

Read about our wellness program.

Wellness  Price: 50 Scrub min $ 92.00  

120 min. Scrub & Massage $ 140.00

Add CBD to Services $ 18.00 

Chocolate Aromatherapy Massage Oil Helps improve circulation and softens the skin leaving it looking bright and youthful. In addition, the chocolate scent helps relax and soothe the body and mind and creates a more decadent therapeutic experience.

65 min $ 100.00

85 min. $ 130.00

Add CBD to Services$ 18.00

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Whip Chocolate Foot Treatment

Indulge your digits with our unique whipped chocolate mousse Foot treatment with a scrub and mask. Your toes and legs love chocolate too. Cocoa stimulates . This will help keep your skin youthful and glowing. This chocolate treatment will restore, replenish and rehydrate your feet. We will provide you with chocolates to eat because we know the way you smell will make you hungry.

Foot Treatment 50 min. $ 75.00

Foot Treatment with Massage $ 160.00

Read about our wellness program.

Wellness Price: Foot Treatment

 50 min $ 59.00 

Foot Treatment & Massage

120 min.  $ 120.00

Add CBD to Services $ 18.00

Chocolate Swedish Massage

The best of two of life’s necessities meet, to make our best seasonal offering. It is impossible to pick a favorite from our chocolate specialty offerings, but this could be it. Care for your whole body; from you skin to your muscles, with this special massage. The touch of your massage therapist will soothe your body and the smell of chocolate will comfort your mind! Some of the best chocolate is made in Sweden . Our amazing Swedish massage merges the perfection of the purest cacao with the most popular massage technique. Because of the rich aroma and the relaxation from the massage, you might believe you’re actually melting. Don’t worry, you won’t; although you will be relaxed enough to do so!  You can reference the chocolate treats provided to reassure yourself you haven't melted.

80 min Massage with Melted Chocolate

$ 175.00

Read about our wellness program.


$ 125.00

Add CBD to Services $ 15.00

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Couples Retreat Weekend Massage

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No Gift  Cards For Couples Massage

70 min Couples Massage 190.00

with CBD $ 225.00

Massage and Foot Treatment $ 250.00

With CBD $ 300.00

The Star Couples Treatment

Massage, Foot Treatment & Facial

$ 300.00

With CBD $ 350.00

You and your loved one will drift into ultimate relaxation while being massaged in a peaceful and serene environment.

Trees Bodyworks

 Feb 14-16

Just For Couples Massage 

Turn the Spa into something to remember  filled with the aroma

 of chocolate and treats With only 30 Time spot avabile for the weekend book now.

Must Call To Book can be booked on line.

Champagne, Wine, Chocolate Starwberries, Chocolate Treats in the Room.

With your Massage For Valetine's 

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10 am /Noon/2pm/4 pm/6 pm

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10 am /Noon/2pm/4 pm/6 pm

11 am/ 1pm/3 pm/5 pm/7 pm

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