75 min Wellness

Pick one of three services

75 min Massage

50 min Massage Facial

50 Foot Ritual

3 Pack $ 200.00  

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2 hour Welnesss

Pick one of these threes services

2 hour Massage

Blissful Retreat

Melt Your Stress Away

3 Pack $ 475.00

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90 Wellness

Pick one of these threes services

90 min. Massage

85 min. Serendipity

90 min. Perfect Touch

3 Pack $ 300.00

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CBD Infuse Oils Massage 65 min. $ 108.00  Sale $ 79.00

3 pack 65 min. CBD Infuse Massage $ 225.00

 100 % Hemp CBD

Combined with the healing and pain relieving benefits of 100% Hemp Cannabis to provide an extra boost of relaxation. We use Hemp cannabis for the highest in cannabinoid (CBD) content which has been proven to assist with pain relief, anti-inflammation, and circulatory system benefits in tandem with long, soothing strokes designed to melt the tension from your muscles. While this massage can be intense, your body will thank you for the deepest possible level of pain relief.

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