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65 min. CBD Massage

  Reg. $ 105.00 

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 65 min. CBD Massage 3 Pack

3 65 min. Massage 

$ 315.00

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85 min. CBD Massage 

Reg. $  130.00

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85 min CBD Massage

 3 Pack 

3 Pack $ 390.00

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CBD May Help in Many Ways:

 Love every minute of our Journey with a CBD Massage

                             100 % Hemp CBD

Combined with the healing and pain relieving benefits of 100% Hemp Cannabis to provide an extra boost of relaxation. We use Hemp cannabis for the highest in cannabinoid (CBD) content which has been proven to assist with pain relief, anti-inflammation, and circulatory system benefits in tandem with long, soothing strokes designed to melt the tension from your muscles. While this massage can be intense, your body will thank you for the deepest possible level of pain relief.

                              CBD Massage

  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Helps arthritis
  • Relieves anxiety ans stress
  • Helps sleep {Sleep Disorders}
  • Diabetes
  • MS/Parkinson's
  • PTSD
  • Neuro Disorders
  • Pain/Chronic Pain
  •  Great for Spasms
  • Great for sprains & strains
  • Increases comfort during deep tissue massage
  • Great for the skin used for psoriasis/Eczema

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• CBD Infused services are provided using 100% Hemp Cannabis for maximum CBD benefits. 

• Trees Bodyworks Massage Studio Massage & Wellness 

Will provide the CBD Topical for all CBD Infused services

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Yelp Reviews

I had the best massage of my life yesterday by Leanna Mendoza. I have been going to Trees Body Works for 4 years now and they are in the process of introducing CBD oil massages. I tried it out today. After the first 20 mins I could feel the muscles in my back relaxing more than they ever have. I had a very soft warm, fuzzy sensation and kind of felt squishy. But a good squishy, like I was melting into the massage table. She then worked on my legs and feet and my whole body was warm and VERY relaxed. I felt no aches in my body lying on that massage table. I didn't want my 90 min massage to end. From now on, all my massages will be CBD oil massages. This is a game changer not only for the massage industry but for the pain management industry as well!